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Performance Chip Review

Engine Performance Chip Review has reviewed all off the most popular performance chips to give you the best possible information regarding performance chips.  Our review covers the most popular aspects of the performance chip and the companies that sell them.  Performance Chip Review has looked through these products to ensure that you are getting the best performance chip for your money.  The items tested below range in price from about $70usd to $500usd - so make sure you don't waste your hard earned money on a performance chip with no performance!

Our tests were conducted on a Dynojet machine with the same exact conditions under each test environment.  Our results have a averaged deviation of less than +/- 2 points.  In addition, we allowed each car to cool down after each run to ensure consistant results.  Our Performance Chip is a worthy read.  We tested the following vehicles:  2004 Ford F250 5.4l, 2006 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi, 2000 BMW 328i, and a 2006 Nissan 350z.

1. Engine Performance Chip X2, X3, and Oxygen Module (EDITOR's CHOICE*)

Contact Information Available: Yes - phone number included
Ordering Process: 10/10
Shipping Speed: 10/10
Customer Service: 10/10
Return Policy: 10/10
Average HP and Torque Gain: 9/10 (Average gain was 37 WHP and 29 WTQ)
Average MPG Gain: 9/10 (Average MPG Gain was a 10-15% increase)
Cost of product: $69.99 - $179.00

*Editor's Choice: Engine Performance Chip ranked the highest in customer satisfaction, technical support, ease of installation, and performance gains.

2. Performance Chips Direct  - PCD Chip Stage 1

Contact Info: Yes, phone number
Ordering Process: 4/10
Shipping Speed: 2/10
Customer Service: 2/10
Return Policy: 1/10 - charge a hefty restocking fee for returns
Average HP and Torque Gain: 1/10 (Every Vehicle Tested actually lost 5-10 horsepower)
Average MPG Gain: 1/10 (Average vehicle lost 2-3 MPG - BMW lost 4mpg)
Cost of product: $69.99

 Below average performance and poor tecnical support - phone wait time was 18 minutes.

3.  SLR Motorsports Performance Chip - RS4 Performance Chip

Contact Information: NO, no phone number provided.

Ordering Process: 2/10
Shipping Speed: 2/10
Customer Service: 1/10
Return Policy: 1/10
Average HP and Torque Gain: 1/10 (Both chips tested actually lost 1-12 horsepower)
Average MPG Gain: 1/10 (Every Vehicle Tested lost 1-4 MPG)
Cost of product: $69.99 for SLR or RS4 Chip. RS4 Gas Saver version is $89.99

No phone number support - which caused much confusion in installing this product.  RS4 and SLR motorsports are, as it seems, the same company.   Poor overall performance.

4. Horsepower Chips HPC Performance Chip Stage 1

Contact Info: Yes, phone provided

Ordering Process: 1/10
Shipping Speed: 2/10
Customer Service: 1/10
Return Policy: 1/10
Average HP and Torque Gain: 0/10  (lost 2-13 horsepower)
Average MPG Gain: 1/10 (Vehicle's Tested lost 2-6 MPG)
Cost of product: $69.99

Worst performing chip on the market - seems to be a copy of PCD.

5. Performance Chip Tuning - GTE Performance Chip REVIEW

Contact Info: NO, no phone number provided - Be extremely cautious

Ordering Process: 2/10
Shipping Speed: 0/10
Customer Service: 0/10
Return Policy: 0/10
Average HP and Torque Gain: 0/10  (lost 2-18 horsepower)
Average MPG Gain: 0/10 (Vehicle's Tested lost 2-9 MPG)
Cost of product: $69.99

Performanc Chip Tuning is direct copy of Engine Performance Chip - they even have some of Engine Performance Chips pictures hosted on their site.  This site is deemed dangerous, no phone, we got no support.  In addition, their product make fake claims  - and they have completely copied a known company.  Stay away from this company.  Their weaker tune on the chips decreased horsepower by the greatest number we tested.

6. Jet Chip - Performance Programmer

Ordering Process: 5/10
Shipping Speed: 6/10
Customer Service: 4/10
Return Policy: 1/10
Average HP and Torque Gain: 6/10 (Each Vehicle we tested gained 3-12 horsepower)
Average MPG Gain: 5/10 (Every Vehicle Tested gained 1-2 MPG)
Cost of product: $337.49

 Good company, solid reputation, good product performance.  Hight cost.


Performance Chips Reviews - Results

As you can see, we have tested products from a large number of companies to give you the best possible information and choices.  We have tested these products in a controlled evironment and provided you with the results. Our editor's really like the Engine Performance Chip products and they have named them as the best overall value for the money when it comes to performance chips.  They had a solid customer service line, fast shipping, and a great set of installation instuctions.  As clearly shown, the PCD chips, GTE chip, and horsepowerchips.com simply don't stand up to their claims.  We cannot reccommend these products to you.  The Engine performance chips had the best bang for the buck and the best performance.  You cannot go wrong with them!  Performance chips are the best way to gain that added horsepower and torque that you are looking for.  This will give you good amounts of power and increase your vehicles performance.